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How to disable scrolling on body?

What’s the best way to prevent the body tag scrolling. The easiest way is a simple CSS snippet:

And you must add this class (disable-scrolling) into body tag. Demo


Extracting all images from an article for a slideshow gallery

The below liquid code help you extract all images from an article.

You can use it to create a slideshow gallery.


How to backup and restore your Shopify store

Shopify offers a secure platform to make sure your store stays safe online. That does not mean you don’t need to store backups just in case something goes wrong, for example: Hacker gains access...


The top Shopify apps for a gifting program

Here are the few Shopify apps which can help you to get more revenue by gifting program. Free Gifts by Secomapp: Boost your sales with multiple offers A powerful tool for multiple offers to...